Modular Forms and Dirichlet series by Andrew OGG

  • version 1.0, 2018-08-29 : pdf
    MSC Primary 11F11, Secondary 11F25, 11F66

This is a re-issue of Ogg’s book published in 1969, typeset with TeX.

Class field theory

  • version 1.0, 2015-03-04 : pdf
    first published: 2012-01-10
    MSC Primary 11R37, Secondary 11S31

These old notes summarize class field theory. As such they are not particularly well organized, as I realize now. They were created when studying the approach WEIL had chosen in his Basic Number Theory: the theory of simple algebras, in favor over group cohomology, which I was used to from Serre. So, in part, these notes follow his suggestion to translate between these two points of view. The emphasis here is on the local situation, as well as on the global function field case. Almost no proofs are given.

Counting points on curves over finite fields by Enrico BOMBIERI

  • version 1.0, 2015-03-04 : pdf
    first published: 2011-12-27

This is the BOURBAKI seminar talk n° 430 given by Enrico BOMBIERI in June 1973, set in TeX with the appropriate BOURBAKI class style. I only took advantage of the time since passed to complete the reference to STARK‘s article, published later in 1973, and added a reference to SCHMIDT‘s Lecture Notes that appeared in 1976. I corrected a minor typo in formula (2).

Artin L-functions after Weil, Grothendieck

  • version 1.0, 2011-11-15 : pdf
    first published: 2011-11-13
    MSC Primary 11M41, Secondary 11R42

This paper summarizes some notes taken when comparing Weil’s presentation of Artin’s L-functions with Grothendieck’s.

Dedicated to my brother Joachim.

Local ε-factors

  • version 1.0, 2014-03-21 : pdf
    first published: 2011-01-30
    MSC Primary 11S40, Secondary 11L05

A short note on local L-series, functional equation, ε-factors, Gauss sums and integrals.

Dedicated to my sister Petra.

Modular fundamental domain

  • version 1.3, 2018-10-08 : pdf
    first published: 2007-11-28
    MSC Primary 11F06, Secondary 11F11

On drawings of modular fundamental domains with METAPOST or Java. In 2018 (v1.1) I added some remarks on Helena VERRILL’s fundamental domain drawer. In my v1.3 is a screenshot of the program for the modular curve X0(11). In particular this java applet of 2000 can be run as java application in the current java runtime environment, which is openjdk 13 (GA 2019-09-17).

Numbers of solutions of equations in finite fields by André WEIL

  • version 1.0, 2003-04-06 : pdf
    MSC Primary 11G25, Secondary 14G15

I thank the American Mathematical Society for their kind permission to publish my TeX version here.

This is the classical article by André Weil that contain his famous conjectures on the ζ-function of varieties over finite fields. It has since July 2007 again become available at the American Mathematical Society site: Bull. Am. Math. Soc. 55 (1949), 497-508.

Zeta-Function of x4 + y4 + z4 = 0

  • version 1.0, 2014-03-21 : pdf
    first published: 2003-01-27
    MSC Primary 11G20, Secondary 14G10, 11G05

This note investigates the ζ-function of the Curve C : x4 + y4 + z4 = 0, whose interesting factorization stimulated a closer look at its geometry and arithmetic. It was initiated by the question to find simple examples of curves with no rational points.

The first part develops the ζ-function formalism and its connection to rational points. In particular an isogeny for the Jacobian variety J of C is postulated: J ∼ E x E x E, where E is the elliptic curve y2 = x3 + x. The second part provides the proof, based on methods from the classical paper of André WEIL and a theorem of Gerd FALTINGS.

Algorithms for computer programs

  • v1.8, 2018-10-30 : pdf
    first published: 2002-12-30
    MSC Primary 11G05, Secondary 14H52

This is a collection of routines for doing elementary arithmetic on a computer, like generating primes, factoring into primes and calculations on curves over finite fields. They originated from some Algol programs of mine written in 1978-1980 at the Faculty of Mathematics in Bielefeld. They are now implemented in C.

These notes are meant to supplement the program logic, with emphasis put on the conceptual ideas behind those algorithms. These programs are made available under the Apache license. The only change in version 1.7 is to the factorisation routine. In version 1.8 the program listings make use of the package listings.

Zeta-function and Bernoulli numbers

  • version 1.1, 2015-03-04 : pdf
    first published: 2001-07-15
    MSC Primary 11M06, Secondary 11B68, 30B50

This note gathers the salient features of Dirichlet-series and their convergence, in particular the Riemann ζ-function, some special values, including Bernoulli numbers. We follow Riemann for the proof of its functional equation, which was added in version 1.1 in 2011.

The appendix treats the analytical continuation of the ζ-function in an elementary way, without using the functional equation.

My thesis: Kohomologie S-arithmetischer Untergruppen der SL(2) über einem Funktionenkörper und arithmetische Eigenschaften automorpher Formen

  • version 1.5, 2015-03-04 : pdf (deutsch)
    first published: 1999-07-09
    MSC Primary 11F75, Secondary 11F70, 11F67

My thesis was written under the guidance of Günter Harder. The results in part one confirmed a conjecture of his: the vanishing of the rational cohomology Hi(Γ,Q) = 0 of an S-arithmetic group Γ ⊂ SL(2,F) for a function field F/Fq in degree i ≠ 0, card(S). This was generalized by Harder to other algebraic groups (published in Inventiones in 1977). The other parts deal with the theory of Eisenstein series and its application to the construction of automorphic cohomology classes.

The new version 1.5 loads the package hyperref with option colorlinks, instead of german.sty the package babel is used. The source is now under git control (git repository).