This section contains my mathematical articles and notes, and a few from other mathematicians.

In 2003 I added the classical paper Numbers of solutions of equations in finite fields of André WEIL (with permission of the American Mathematical Society) that had at that time been unavailable.

In 2005 I worked with Jean GIRAUD to transcribe his class notes on Riemann Surfaces into TeX. In 2007 I transcribed the course of Jean-Louis VERDIER on the fundamental group into TeX.

In 2010 I republished the course on plane curves of second order and their invariants by Ernst FREUDENTHAL and Werner HEINRICH, supplemented in 2011 by the solutions booklet to their exercises. Also in 2011 I added the Bourbaki talk of Enrico BOMBIERI on Counting points on curves over finite fields.

In 2014 appeared my reedition of the SGA d’Orsay, « en hommage à Michel DEMAZURE, Jean GIRAUD, Michel RAYNAUD et Jean-Louis VERDIER » Séminaire de Géométrie Algébrique. In 2015 I provided a TeX edition of the booklet on kählerian varieties by André WEIL.

This section is organized into these subareas:

Timelines of mathematicians (and some physicists and astronomers)

The standard reference on the Web for biographies of mathematicians is the Mac Tutor History of Mathematics Archive.
new version v2.29, 2020-10-14 : selection of timelines since 1460 pdf (currently 572)
in v2.29 death of Seshadri
in v2.28 added Post, Church, Kleene, Davis
in v2.27.2 added Fischer, Griess, death of Conway, Guy
in v2.27 added Bernstein, Bump, de Shalit
in v2.26 noted deaths of Berlekamp, Fontaine, Nirenberg
in v2.25 updated to 2020
in v2.24 added Hans Petersson
in v2.23 added death of John Tate
in v2.22 added Murre, Oort, Karoubi, Schneps, Simpson
in v2.21 added Abdus Salam, Sheldon Glashow, Steven Weinberg
in v2.20 added E.T. Whittaker, G.N. Watson, D.H. Lehmer, J. Lehner, R.A. Rankin, A.O.L. Atkin, B.C. Berndt, G.E. Andrews
in v2.19 added death of Sir Michael Atiyah
in v2.18 added death of Peter Swinnerton-Dyer, Elias Stein, Alan Baker, Jean Bourgain, updated to 2019
in v2.17 added death of Michel Raynaud
in v2.16 added death of Vladmimir Voevodsky
in v2.15 added Peter Scholze, death of Stephen Hawking
in v2.14 added death of Jean-Louis Koszul and Mark I. Graev, added Elias Stein and Michel Broué
in v2.13 update to 2018, added Nikolaus Kopernikus and Tycho Brahe