Compact operators

  • version 1.0, 2011-12-01 : pdf
    MSC Primary 47B07, Secondary 47B10

Short fact sheet on compact operators.

Guide sur la cohomologie des faisceaux

  • version 1.0, 2015-03-04 : pdf
    first published: 2005-06-28
    MSC Primary 55N30, Secondary 18F20, 14F40

Pendant la retranscription du cours de Giraud en TeX, j’ai également préparé ce guide en TeX. Il appartient aussi à l’appendice du cours. Il contient en 20 pages plus qu’il ne faut sur la cohomologie des faisceaux des espaces topologiques généraux.

Etale morphisms in Topology

  • version 1.1, 2016-03-28 : pdf
    first published: 1999-07-04
    MSC Primary 57M10, Secondary 57S30

The subject of this note are étale morphisms in topology, as they are encountered in the theory of unramified coverings. It goes back to classes of Giraud on Riemann surfaces and Verdier on fundamental group.
This revision has added some references to SGA 4 and Topologie générale.

The initial version had been posted to the preprint server of the AMS in 1998, which was shut down during the process of acceptance of the paper. This version was later published in the Topology Atlas in its Preprints section Preprint # 429.