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Was tun in Corona-Tagen ?

Aus dem Fenster schauen (es schneit am 30.3.) und am Teltowkanal entlang radeln (31.3.2020) …

Computing infrastructure, platforms, tools

All articles and notes in Mathematics are created with TeX. My systems use the TeXLive distribution. I generate pdf-files (marked by an icon pdf) and make them available to the public on this site. You can download them or read them online, depending on your platform, tools and taste. Learn more on my platforms and tools.

DocBook 5 XML for Windows

This paper describes the installation of a documentation system based on the DocBook and XML standards. It prerequisites a current Java environment. It uses the stable version 2.3 Apache FOP Formatter and the DocBook XSL stylesheets: DocBook 5 XML for Windows version 1.16, 2020-01-24, pdf.

More documentation stuff

  • Le sacre du printemps: This is an exercise of mine in typesetting some music, which I did on Good Friday 2003. Math is easier than music, I can tell ! pdf.
  • How to typeset cyrillic characters in math: “Exemple pour le groupe de Shafarevich” pdf (Juin 28, 2003)