Representations of compact groups

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    first published: 2008-11-22
    MSC Primary 20C15, 20G25, Secondary 22C05, 22E50, 22A25, 20C08

Useful every day concepts and formulas in the representation theory of compact groups, some functorial aspects, like variance of the group and induction of representations.

In particular complex representations of profinite groups, like Galois groups and ℘-adic groups. Example: representations of SL(2,o).

Notes to Borel’s “Essays in the History of Lie groups and Algebraic groups”

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    first published: 2001-09-08
    MSC Primary 01A55, 01A60, Secondary 22Exx, 20Gxx

This short note was written during the two weeks from August 27 to September 8, 2001, when I was taking notes during my reading of Borel’s excellent book ‘Essays in the History of Lie Groups and Algebraic Groups’.

Armand Borel was born May 21, 1923 and died August 11, 2003.